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You sat outside of (insert school here), you always got there about an hour early before classes start. This was mainly to finish homework or to help the teachers, although today the teacher’s didn’t need any help and you already finished all of your homework. Most of your friends still had yet to come so you decided to draw to pass the time.

You took out your sketchbook that you used for art and flipped through the pages looking through them before stopping on an unfinished sketch. You started to color the drawing, smiling softly. It was you and your friend Nepeta, or how she would say it ‘furriend’. You’ve been friends for as long as you could remember, although you’ve started to feel…how did she put it? Flushed? Yes that was the word she used when she explained quadrants with you.

Either way you started to like her. As in, more than a friend.

You started to notice the little things, how her hair bounced up and down when she was excited, how she would always smile when she saw you, how she always helped you with homework. You started to daydream, tapping the pencil you were using against the paper. Causing you to not notice the olive blooded troll sneak up behind you and hug you suddenly.


She grins happily. “Hi Nepeta” you smiled back at her returning the hug. “What are mew drawing?” she asks curiously trying to look over your shoulder at the drawing. You look at the drawing before realizing that you wrote OTP on the paper with a little heart. “Nothing!” you yelped immediately trying to hide the paper, a light blush dusting your face.

She pouted and let go of you before moving in front of you and grabbing the sketchbook out of your grasp, much to your surprise and horror. “Nepeta give it back! Y-you weren’t supposed to see that!” you groaned and hid your now red face in your hands. “(na-name)…” you looked up at her confused, still blushing. She was blushing a deep olive green, and she put the sketchbook down carefully. “I told you that you weren’t supposed to see that…” you mumbled before she tackled you into a hug, a big grin on her face.

“Flushed for mew!” she purred nuzzling your neck, still blushing.

“fl-flushed for you too” you murmured, now grinning madly. You kissed the tip of her nose and she giggled. “C’mon mew were gonna be late” she smiles and pulls you up. You grab your sketchbook and put it back in your bag before walking back to her and taking her hand. She smiles at you and you both walk to class.
my first story hope you all like it ^^; this is for :iconhetalia-animegirl:'s contest I know its not the best but I've never written an insert reader before so yeah x3 if you have any tips for this please tell I would love to get better at writing :3 I'll take requests on characters from homestuck for some practice ^.^ anyway hope you all like this and good luck to everyone who's entering the contest too! :3

Nepeta belongs to the awesome Andrew Hussie
Twilox Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sweet story x3
dragonflame185 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks!~ ^.^
Twilox Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
your welcome :3
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